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5 May 2022 

The main idea of ​​the garden is to forget its built context to get closer to its rural past. A simple spatial organization will come to articulate the different uses between them on the sandstone of a country walk punctuated with small “scenes”. Particular attention will be paid to the recreated ecosystem composed of meadows, orchards and woods.


Forget the urban and focus on nature

In a dense and omnipresent suburban context, the landscape project proposes to offer the future garden a wooded plant setting. The urban area will thus be more discreet, protecting the privacy of its occupants. To the West, the visual breakthrough on the countryside will be preserved and enhanced. It will be the vanishing point of this resolutely natural park.


Articulate the functions between them

The proposed project offers the opportunity for a simple spatial response to the problem of spatial organization of the different uses. (Tennis, Spa, Tennis, Vegetable garden…ect). The idea is to create a threshold, a transition for each function. These thresholds are sometimes materialized by a variation in the nature of the soil, a management of the topography or quite simply by the vegetation. Their accumulation will design the garden by mixing aesthetics and logic of use.


Welcome and tell a story

The courtyard will be intended to be the reception area for future guests. Its curved layouts will be simplified and restructured in line with the vocabulary of buildings and future uses. We also propose to offer an intermediate luggage drop-off area before parking the cars in the car park.
The garden will offer him a country walk linking a succession of scenes of lives… gourmet wood, meadows, orchard, clearing of the cabin…
Plant strategy
Existing plant
-The existing hedges are to be preserved and will be amplified by future afforestation.
– All plants cut into a ball and small conifers will be removed from the garden. Their vocabulary does not fit into the natural idea of ​​the garden in the making, so they no longer have a place to be.
– Attention should be paid to the afforestation of birches, one of which in particular shows signs of age. We suggest monitoring them and anticipating their future disappearance by planting young trees that will gradually take over.


Plant project

This naturally inspired project will mix native and naturalized essences. The first for their ecological interest and ease of installation. The seconds to give us some shades of additional poetry, characterizing the different scenes of the garden. Particular attention will be paid to the past of the site, which was once covered with a large orchard. It may be interesting to rethink the spatial organization around this story that we are going to revisit with regard to new uses.


This project is in progress.

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