A natural woodland

18 May 2022 

The woodlands of this property have gradually returned to a wild state. The idea was to preserve this “return to nature” while creating a comfortable and poetic walk.

Working with what exists

Our preliminary work was to select the subjects to be preserved and cut down. Following this forestry work, we had to define a pedestrian path alternating with clearings and viewpoints. The ground of these paths was covered with an important layer of RCW coming in large part from the waste of cut. This layer will decompose with the years while guiding the step, which by dint of use, will mark discrete and natural paths. The important stock of logs, resulting from the cuttings, was reused in piles, arranged along the paths. These dotted logs punctuate the walk, guide future maintenance and provide shelter for the wood’s micro-fauna.

Embellishing the place

If our basic strategy was to do with the existing and to favor the local flora, we allowed ourselves some re-interpretations. For this, we added Magnolias stellatas, Prunus sargentii, Cornus florida. These species offer beautiful spring blooms. This project will continue to evolve over time with the addition of new flowering species…hellebore, vinca, primula eliator…in the years to come.

The project through maintenance

These landscape projects require an important impetus from the start that would be reduced to nothing without fine maintenance. Thus, the afforestation continues to evolve with the company in charge of its maintenance.


  • Location : Neauphle-le-château
  • Design : HORUS paysages
  • Realization : Structurel
  • Maintenance : ‘Paris sur terre’

Landscape design studio for naturalistic gardens