A terrace of shade

18 May 2022 

This micro hanging garden was unused and forgotten under a large lime tree. We had to take over the space as if it had always been like that. A great challenge for an exceptional place.

A garden of shade

The tree in place provides a very dense shade to the place, in summer. This led us to choose a palette of shade plants composed of ferns, lily of the valley, narcissus, foxgloves, columbines, geraniums… A drip irrigation compensates for the extreme dryness of the soil. Indeed the lime tree drinks all the water.

Soil of the XVIIIth century

In place of the beaten earth and in order not to denote with the place and its history, we went to Normandy to find a stone paving from an old farmhouse.


  • Surface : approx 40m2
  • Location : Yvelines 78
  • Design : HORUS Paysages
  • Realization : Structurel (landscape), CCA Perrot (watering), Dragos Andronic (masonry)

Landscape design studio for naturalistic gardens