8 July 2022 

A natural setting

The small garden had a major advantage…it opened onto a large wooded area. We had to mark the property while keeping this visual porosity. In short, we had to create a natural and easy-to-live-in setting that would intelligently let the eye pass through. To shelter from the vis à vis without being cut off from the surrounding nature. For that we worked a garden of grasses delimited by free hedges and an equestrian fence in acacias. The hedges isolate, the fence emphasizes and opens. A simple design, a clear bias, an elegant and easy to live with plant palette.


  • Surface area : 250m2
  • Location : Mareil-sur-mauldre, Yvelines
  • Design : Horus paysages
  • Realization : Structurel
  • Maintenance : Tristan Bellier gardener

Landscape design studio for naturalistic gardens