Guest house _ Val trebbia

21 September 2023 

The Garden’s Guiding Principle:

The overarching idea for the garden is to forget its urban surroundings and reconnect with its rural past. A simple spatial organization will interweave different functionalities, guiding visitors on a countryside stroll dotted with small “scenes.” Special care will be given to the recreated ecosystem, which will feature meadows, orchards, and wooded areas.

Focusing on Nature Over Urbanity:

In a context of dense and omnipresent suburban homes, the landscape project aims to provide the future garden with a lush, wooded setting. The urban elements will be tactfully subdued to maintain the privacy of its inhabitants. To the West, the visual opening onto the countryside will be preserved and highlighted. This vista will be the garden’s focal point, decidedly natural in essence.

Interlinking the Various Functions:

The proposed project offers a straightforward spatial solution to the challenge of organizing different activities (Tennis, Spa, Vegetable Garden, etc.). The concept is to create a distinct threshold or transition for each function. These thresholds might be defined by changes in ground type, topographical adjustments, or simply through vegetation. Their cumulative effect will shape the garden, blending aesthetics with functional logic.


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