In the Middle of a Vineyard

22 September 2023 

La Londe-les-maures, le château de la Pascalette. Nestled within the estate is another 1-hectare property facing the sea, with the gardener’s house currently undergoing renovation.

A Garden on Terraced Levels

Each terraced level has a purpose. It’s a simple and efficient way to manage the property: the further away it is, the less intervention it requires.

The upper terrace connected to the villa and cork oak woodland houses a grassy clearing amidst natural garrigue shrubland and an infinity pool. These environmental extravagances, if we can call them that, are deliberately positioned here, limited to their strict uses while facing the panoramas over the salt flats.

The second terrace, unseen from the house, contains a petanque court surrounded by a meadow of lavenders, perovskias, and gauras. Sitting on the dry-stone wall bench, one can admire the olive orchards and their wild oat meadows on the terraces below.

The third terrace is crossed by a country lane, which on one side exits the estate through a wrought iron gate, hinting at the proximity of the historic monument, and on the other leads to the château.

The fourth, an olive orchard, is traversed by paths mowed through the meadows, leading to a large umbrella pine sheltering a tiny house.


  • Location: La Londe-les-Maures
  • Area: 1ha
  • Design: HORUS Landscapes
  • Execution: currently under consultation

Landscape design studio for naturalistic gardens