Maintenance follow-up VAL TREBBIA

18 September 2023 

This guesthouse located in Feucherolles, France, VAL TREBBIA, commissioned us to design its park with a naturalistic spirit. We are sharing some images of the garden 4 months after the project’s completion in Spring 2023.

What is maintenance follow-up?

Maintenance follow-up involves guiding the gardening teams during the first year after the completion of the project to ensure that the garden is maintained according to the principles established in the design. Given that we work with living organisms, this often-overlooked step is crucial for the longevity of the project. During our visits, we identify any maintenance misunderstandings, dead plants, and provide the necessary maintenance directions to maintain the aesthetic of the project season after season. We design many gardens with differentiated management, which, when not adhered to or improperly applied, can significantly impact the desired appearance. Let’s not forget the importance of managing the living aspects in natural gardens.


  • Location: Yveline
  • Type: Hotel establishment, guesthouse
  • Area: 6000m2
  • Maintenance program: A handyman responsible for maintaining the property and its garden full-time + monthly visits from a landscaping company for all major tasks.
  • Completion date: April 2023

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