4 October 2023 

At HORUS Paysages, the meadow is both a passion and a project tool. We were therefore eager to discover the products of the Alsatian seed producer, Nungesser. “Nungesser Seeds”, based in Alsace, has specialized since 1973 in the renaturation of landscape sites, offering a wide range of mixes ranging from lawn to natural meadow. What we appreciate about Nungesser is their commitment to biodiversity through mixes that take into account the entomofauna, which is particularly dependent on meadows.

Meadows in HORUS Landscapes Projects

HORUS Paysages places great importance on meadows, which are a project asset for:

  • Importance for ecosystems (especially entomofauna and the biological balance of the garden)
  • Structuring the garden through mowing and cutting
  • Climate resilience: no watering in the summer
  • Resource savings through differentiated management: when your garden exceeds 5,000m2, it can sometimes make more sense not to mow the entire area, both economically and ecologically. Differentiated management allows for the segmentation of areas kept as lawns or even grass, and others left as meadows with one cut per year.

Nungesser Seeds

Since 1973, Nungesser Seeds has stood out as a leader in the wholesale seed sector, combining tradition and innovation. Located in Alsace with two dedicated sites, Nungesser Seeds is committed to providing superior quality seeds for various landscaping projects, including highways, ski slopes, and TGV lines. Our harvesting process, carried out in collaboration with the Botanical Conservatory of Sites on protected sites, ensures genetic homogeneity and total respect for natural resources. The seeds are multiplied in greenhouses, then harvested on agricultural plots after a rigorous 3-4 year process, thus guaranteeing our customers the highest quality seeds.

Nungesser Seeds is also proud to carry the “Local Plant” and “True Arable Plants” labels, created in 2014. These labels guarantee the local origin of plants and arable plants for each of the 11 regions of origin in France, ensuring complete traceability and optimal conservation of biodiversity. Choose Nungesser Seeds, your trusted partner for quality seeds, and contribute to the preservation of our precious biodiversity.


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