Open house at Chombart Nurseries

11 October 2022 

An annual meeting for landscape designers

Like every year, CHOMBART nurseries open their doors to all the professionals in the field, during October. This is an interesting moment for us designers, as much to discover the new species in the catalog, as to make enriching and stimulating meetings. This year, HORUS Paysages participated in the cycle of conferences on ponds and wetlands in order to perfect our technical and botanical knowledge of these environments.

Mr Vincent Chombart and his team are specialists in containerized perennials and offer each year to landscaping companies and prescribers more than 1200 different taxa for perennials, 150 varieties of grasses and more than 25 species of ferns. This beautiful French production, of quality, was born in 1991 with 3000m2 of cultures. Today the nursery covers more than 33,000m2, including 4,000m2 of cold storage, 6,000m2 of shade, and 6,200m2 of propagation greenhouses… Note that the 9-cup plants are 2-year old cultures, and the 2 to 7.5L containers are 3-year old cultures from open ground.

At Horus Landscapes we like to work with this beautiful local production for our projects in Ile-de-France and Normandy. The plants are vigorous and do not struggle to establish themselves, a guarantee of success for the gardens and parks that we design and have created by our partners.

CHOMBART Nurseries

  • Website : CHOMBART
  • Localilsation : 4 rue des osiers – 80400 – HOMBLEUX – FRANCE

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