SETP – Comblanchien quarry

9 January 2023 

Horus Paysages with the Atelier Iris Chervet went to the SETP quarries to learn about the transformation and extraction of Comblanchien limestone. This marble limestone is of particular interest in our projects. Indeed, it is extremely low in porosity and therefore resists very well to the various attacks of its environment. These technical characteristics make it an ideal material for pavements in very busy areas subject to strong climatic and physical pressures. It is not very porous and is not affected by frost, motorized sweepers or even less by passing vehicles. Numerous public spaces in the Ile de France and Monaco are covered with it, as are chateaux and wine cellars.

STEP a PGI “Burgundy stone” quarry

In activity for more than 50 years, SETP exploits and transforms on site the limestone of Comblanchien. The PGI “Burgundy stone” will be created in 2018 and gives this limestone a worldwide recognition. Always in a will of optimization and modernization SETP does not cease investing in new machines which reduce the consumption of water, energy while optimizing the production. In 2001, Stoneboxe is developed in Comblanchien. This process of pre-filled gabion is exploited in an industrial way by SETP. This technique allows to recycle a part of the production waste and contributes to the valorization of the stone on all its production cycle.

We invite you to visit their website: SETP or to ask us directly all the questions you think useful for your stone projects, because we have become unstoppable!

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