Two days with the trees of CHAUVIRE

4 October 2022 


Taking advantage of the last few weeks of warm weather, we are in the nursery to reserve the most beautiful pieces of our projects. These days spent surveying these hundreds of hectares of plantations allow us to spot the beautiful pieces but also, to adapt the project directly if certain lots do not correspond to our expectations. Working with the living imposes on us this proximity with the ground and this adaptation to reality. This trio composed of the salesman/crop manager, the landscaper and the company is necessary to arbitrate quality, aesthetics and respect of the budget.

This year our marking, will have lasted two whole days to mark more than one hundred subjects going from Quercus rubra in 40/45 to Cercis siliquastrum 250/300. Two days of 4X4, with two companies of realization, to furrow the hundreds of hectares of plots of the nurseries CHAUVIRE. This French nursery covers more than 460ha and employs 80 people.

The techniques of working the soil, pruning and the absence of irrigation of the crops in the ground and also and above all this “terroir”, make it to this day, one of my favorite French nurseries for trees and shrubs. As a landscape designer and prescriber, I have my business partners work there with their eyes closed.

Nursery certifications:

Site of the nursery : PEPINIERES CHAUVIRE

Marking realized for two differents projects with our partners companies: STRUCTUREL and Les jardins de Gally

Thanks to Guillaume and Thierry for their skillful driving and their kindness!

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