PROJECT NOTICE AN INVISIBLE GIANT The pillar oak is the largest oak tree in Tronçais. But his young age plays against him! Our 200-year-old teenager does not yet have the imposing presence of his parents and therefore goes unnoticed by the untrained eye. Nevertheless, its qualities and its potential should lead it to be one […]

Open to the fields. This is what best sums up the context of this future garden. A window garden onto the rural landscape. A colorful park, whatever the season! This garden is on one side a window on the fields and on the other a case of colors. Flowering prunus in spring, shimmering flower meadows […]

Due to several decades of mismanagement many dying oaks lost their tops when they were not dying. This project therefore combines silvicultural knowledge to regenerate afforestation with the sensitivity of the landscaper to arrange and spatialize a living space and even see an edible garden inspired by the principles of the garden forest and permaculture. […]

An old bourgeois house and its large estate dating back several centuries… new owners with sure taste and a resolutely contemporary sensibility. It is up to us to think of an idealized natural setting corresponding to its new tenants…and above all to respect the past and anticipate the future. A listening insertion, in all humility […]

Landscape design studio for naturalistic gardens