Site monitoring_Rock installation

23 February 2023 

Within the framework of the redevelopment of the 5000m2 of this property of the Golf of Saint-Nom-La-Breteche we follow the various operations of implementation of the project. After the earthworks and levelling which modified the topography of the site, we install a micro stonework to stage the entrance of the villa.

A micro-stone pit made of Ardennes rock

This 200m2 micro-stone pit will dress up the entrance of the villa by giving it character. Rocks of different sizes are installed around the pathways to create an immersive experience. For a natural look we selected rocks of different sizes up to 1m high. This heterogeneous mix of boulders was left to fall from the bumper without any recovery in the defined areas for the most natural look.

This rough setting will come to contrast with the future concrete slab “velvet” of Eurotechfloor. Under the shelter of the carport, the stone will dominate, to be gradually invaded by ferns and shade perennials on the open air parts. The pathways will be covered with a gravel and shale flake surfacing to reinforce the atmosphere.

10 tons and one day of work

For the 10 tons of rocks and 3 tons of gravel it took two trucks and more than a day of careful implementation. The biggest rocks weighing 1 ton…the slightest impact could bring down a wall or the wooden structure of the carport.

Thanks to :

  • STRUCTUREL for the implementation
  • JB SOL for the supply and delivery on site and the help to the implementation

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