The Saint-Nom-La-Bretèche golf course

26 May 2022 

From a royal outbuilding to a golf course

It is a dream that was born in 1954, with the acquisition by Mr. Féau of a farm on the hillside. This small piece of land was very quickly transformed into a prestigious golf course, inaugurated in 1959. Since then, this former royal dependency of the Château de Versailles has welcomed members of this prestigious golf club all year round. Its landscapes of idealized nature, out of time, its old farmhouse of the XVIIIth century…are as many factors which make it so unique. Its horizons of forests let glimpse some beautiful villas of architects…of which we had the chance to design some parks.

A must for any golf and nature enthusiast! Indeed it has hosted for 34 years the Lancôme Trophy … and again this year the World Amateur Championships of 2022.

More information on the official website Golf de Saint-Nom-La-Bretèche

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